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Top hospitality trends to invest in

The hospitality industry has always been dynamic, the past two years specially have been challenging. Businesses close when they can’t adapt. If you have saved money by leasing laundry equipment with us, we recommend you use them to invest in some of the top hospitality trends. This way you’ll be at the forefront of the industry.


According to a report by, 81% of travelers confirm that sustainability is important to them when traveling. Now more than ever hotels (and businesses in general) must have the environment at the top of their priorities as sustainability is one of the top hospitality trends for 2023.

What can you do? Get certifications, provide eco-friendly amenities, be more energy efficient in your operations, use sustainable cleaning products and control how much water you use.

Not only will you be attracting new clients and helping the planet. You will also see savings in your utility bills.


Research shows that consumers care deeply about wellness. So much that the industry is now worth over a trillion dollars and hotels are primed to take a piece of the pie!

But we’re not just talking about the classic beauty and relaxation offers from your spa. These days, healing, stress management, emotional balance, minfulness and better sleep are the top priorities of guests.

Work Space

According to a Microsoft survey, 73% of workers want remote work to be permanent. Pre pandemic, this would be consider a perk, but now it’s seems close to a reality.

This means that more and more people can do their jobs from ANYWHERE in the world. Make your hotel the best place for them to do so! You already have a lot of space that you can easily adapt into work spaces for your business travelers. And even better, you already have comunal areas for socialization.

A place to sleep, a place to work and a place to have fun. Make sure your hotel is all three.

top hospitality trends
Photo by Sajjad Hussain M from Burst

Why investing in the top hospitality trends is so important

If you think about the state of the industry just a few years ago, it was a completely different thing. A business that operates in the same way that they did a couple of years back feels old and it’s probably headed to failure.

Remember to stay current, change with the times and adapt to what the market needs from you every step of the way.

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