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Ozone For Laundry

Southeastern Laundry has specialized in sanitization for more than 40 years.

Better sanitization at lower costs

When it comes to your OPL facility’s needs, adding an extra layer of defense to your laundry operation is necessary.

Ozone treatment systems prevent cross-contamination. They use naturally occurring chemicals to clean and kill off any germs, viruses, bacteria, and make your linens smell fresh and clean. It is a safe, powerful addition to your laundry process.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a powerful naturally occurring oxidizer made up of unstable oxygen that lysis bacteria. It decontaminates laundry using cold ozone water in ambient temperatures. The benefit of using ozone is that it kills off dangerous bacteria and viruses, removing odor and leaving the laundry smelling clean, fresh, and saving your laundry operation costs.

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More efficient and cost-effective for laundry operations

Fresher, whiter, vibrant, cleaner-smelling sanitized linens

Cost savings by reducing hot water and gas consumption

Disinfects 3,200 times better than Chlorine bleach

Extends linen life and reduces linen costs

Restaurant Cleaning Chemicals

Powerful naturally-occurring disinfectant

Reduces cross-contamination

Ozone Laundry System

Deep clean every laundry fiber while saving money and energy with this ozone laundry system.

Non-ozonated ambient cold water flows into this system to become fully ozonated before it flows into your washing machine wash process.

There’s zero off-gas, meaning this system is 100% safe for people to be around. It is also very efficient, standing by in “idle” mode until the washers call for water. Our units can accommodate multiple washers set ups at any capacity range. Depending on the model, flow rates range from 10 to 55 gallons per minute.

Benefits of ozone in your wash process

  • Provides 99.999% disinfection from germs, viruses & bacteria
  • Additional layer of defense to your linen process Powerful oxidizer & natural disinfectant
  • Kills bacteria 3,200 times better than bleach using ambient water
  • Extends linen life & reduces linen costs Reduces gas consumption & dryer times

Ozone equipment operating lease

  • Equipment use for sanitation, install, & freight included
  • Ozone cold water integration
  • All service cost included for term of the lease
  • Labor, parts, & trip charges included
  • Scheduled maintenance & ozone level testing included

Prevent and protect against viruses and bacteria with ozone treatment systems

Contact us to purchase or lease an ozone system. And if you need more information on how Southeastern Laundry’s ozone services will help you reduce costs and sanitize more effectively, we are ready to help.

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