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Assisted Living Laundry

Assisted Living Laundry Equipment Provides Sanitized Laundry Satisfaction

It’s not enough to get things “clean enough”—hygiene is critical for your residents’ and patients’ health. Southeastern Laundry’s top-quality care home laundry equipment provides disinfected laundry while keeping residents and staff comfortable.

Care home laundry requires precise controls to keep linens, clothes, tablecloths, napkins, and sheets clean and disinfected. And, you need equipment that’s as reliable as you are.

Southeastern Laundry’s sturdy assisted living laundry equipment will ensure sanitized loads every time. Your heavy loads will be washed and dried efficiently and fully, saving your staff valuable time while providing clean, sanitary laundry loads.

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Machines as reliable and gentle as you are

Our care home laundry equipment provides the care, speed, and comfort your residents require.

UW Series High-Performance Washer-Extractor

The UW series washing machine offers faster cleaning cycles, easy maintenance, and cleaner clothing:

  • Fast-fill water valves and 400 G-force water extraction results in faster cleaning and less time in the dryer.
  • The system reduces residual wash chemicals by 22%, reducing possible irritants for residents.
  • Laundry Operation Reports let you track wash quality to optimize both speed and cleanliness.
  • UniLinc™ system allows you to monitor error codes and maintenance reminders, reducing machine downtime.

Learn more about UniMac washer extractors.

UT Series Single Tumble Dryer

The UT series dryer will shorten the drying cycle while reducing wear-and-tear on the clothes in your care.

  • OPTidry™ system stops the dryer when loads hit the correct level of dryness, saving time and protecting clothing and other laundry.
  • The innovative design reduces dry time, lowering costs and wear and tear on resident clothing.
  • UniLinc™ system allows you to monitor maintenance reminders, error codes, and more, shortening maintenance and repair times.

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Reliable Checkups and Best-in-Class Service

Scheduled maintenance and on-call services from Southeastern Laundry reduce your laundry interruptions. Strategically placed certified technicians are available where and when you need them, with most repair parts stocked in service vehicles for one-stop repairs.

We’ll Help You Take Care

With more than 40 years of experience, we know commercial laundry. Our consistent service and trustworthy equipment will keep your staff and residents clean and sanitary for years to come.

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