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Five-star, efficient commercial laundry to keep you up and running

Stress-free Commercial Laundry Management

We make laundry easier – providing hotel laundry equipment, leasing and service to keep your operation running economically.

With easy-to-use, precision-controlled equipment that runs 24/7, Southeastern Laundry’s machines are made to last and require little training. Which means your staff can push a button – (translation: no extra training required) – and turn over the next set of guest rooms.

Our laundry equipment solutions will keep your operation cost-effective. Machines are calibrated to use the right amount of energy, water and cleansers – every time. That way, you can manage costs with no unexpected jump in utility bills.

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Heavy-duty Equipment With Light Operating Costs

We’ll ensure you have the right-sized solution for your operation.

Industrial laundry equipment like UniMac® provide reliable and efficient laundry throughput for hotels, motels, and inns through the Southeast. Durable construction and industry-leading innovations like UniLinc™ and OPTispray™ combine to deliver lower costs and higher throughput than any other laundry machine.

Our commercial washers and tumblers are designed to:

  • Run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you don’t have downtime (or have to turn away customers).
  • Help reduce drying time and increase throughput with high extraction speeds and horsepower.
  • Stay put. They’re bolted to the floor, so everything (and everyone) stays safe.
  • Last longer. With every ounce of steel optimized for strength, you can count on our machines.
  • Save you time. With no training required, your staff can push a button and move on.

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Trusted Service

More than 20 certified technicians are strategically placed in the Southeast, so we’ll keep your machines running efficiently with scheduled maintenance and on-call services. Our service vehicles are fully stocked, so most service calls can be finished in a single trip – meaning less downtime and less hassle.

And with hotels throughout the Southeast relying on Southeastern Laundry, it’s no wonder we’re the most trusted name in commercial equipment needs in the Southeast for 43 years and counting. We serve major metro areas and everything in between, from Chattanooga to Atlanta, Tampa and Jacksonville to Orlando, and Birmingham to Huntsville.

Find Your Local Sales Representative

We provide professional, educated, and experienced laundry experts that you can trust. Our team of sales representatives will assess your needs and offer the right advice for your project.

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