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Card & Vending Systems

There are a number of different ways to add value to your laundry. One is to utilize a laundry card system. By eliminating many hassles for you and your customer, you can create a better experience for them. These systems are high-tech, but fun! They do away with quarters and costly change machines. They allow the operator to manage their expenses, manage their machine pricing more precisely, and increase the security to their store.

Dexter Easy Card ™

The Easy Card ™ payment system was developed for laundry owners and customers to eliminate day-to-day problems related to starting machines with coins. Exclusive to only Dexter Laundry equipment, this system is loved by customers and owners alike for its convenience and management capabilities. Instead of using quarters, the customer swipes a reusable card to start the machine. This helps to build customer loyalty by giving the customer an incentive to use your store. Additionally, you cement your customer base by being able to award “bonuses” and other marketing ideas to loyal customers.

Easy Card ™ utilizes supplied software, so that owners can dial-in to a store and monitor sales, collections, and system status. As an owner, you can easily and incrementally adjust pricing of your machines to accommodate fluctuations in utility costs. Thus allowing you an opportunity to be more profitable and more flexible than your competition. Best of all, every Dexter machine comes pre-wired for Easy Card ™ system, making it extremely economical to install. Ask us about the exclusive Easy Card ™.

ESD Card Systems

ESD has been a leader in the coin laundry industry, specializing in the money collection sector for many years. ESD card slide units are made to fit any major brand of laundry and vending machine. Factory fit and finish make your laundry look professional. Only top quality components and factory wire harnesses are used for reliable operation for years and years. With a bright clear display and rugged construction, your customers will enjoy using this ESD system.

CCI Card Systems

CCI or Card Concept’s Coinless LaundryCard ™ system was developed to give the right tools needed to easily succeed to coin storeowners. Custom laundry cards, on-the-fly reporting, enhanced marketing capabilities, and remote management ability are but a few of the ways CCI adds value to your laundry.

We make card system technology easy

All of the technology is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to support. By replacing coin acceptors with laundry card readers, traditional change machines are replaced with kiosks. These kiosks dispense debit cards that customers can add value to and start their machines. The system maintains the customer’s card balance and allows them to revalue them with either cash or a credit card.

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