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From coinless laundry systems to online laundry apps

Offer solutions beyond traditional coin payment with Southeastern’s laundry payment system options. Find payment solutions that fit your customer and resident needs by choosing app-based laundry payment systems, credit/debit systems or value transfer stations featuring reloadable laundry cards. Southeastern Laundry partners with Speed Queen® and Heartland Payment Solutions to provide cutting edge laundry payment systems.

Speed Queen Insights

Technology is continuously changing the way individuals complete all daily tasks. New innovation drives customer expectations for greater accessibility, reliability and speed—The laundry room is not exempt from these expectations. Using the right technology you can increase resident satisfaction by implementing a pain-free laundry experience.

The latest Speed Queen app

Doing laundry is now as easy as buying a cup of coffee with SQ Insights, the Speed Queen app. A clean interface and flexible payment options give residents the convenience they want and the ability to pay with the one thing they never leave home without—their smartphone.
Residents have multiple payment options, including an online wallet loaded with credit/debit, cash or Apple Pay.

Bonus features include:

  • Wash Alerts – Keep residents up-to-date on their laundry cycle status.
  • Multi-language interface – Serve all residents regardless of language.

The Latest SpeedQueen App

Heartland WaveRider

Looking to add convenient credit/debit card payment to your laundry room? Use the WaveRider cashless system to grow your laundry sales while increasing payment simplicity and security for your laundry room. These innovative payment devices work with most coin-operated washers & dryers offering the technology and expertise to seamlessly manage cashless payment in unattended facilities.

Cashless laundry system

The WaveReader fully supports credit & debit, stored value, and mobile payments. Now you can offer your customers the ultimate convenience of paying for their laundry service in more ways than ever before. The WaveReader G6 fully supports

  • EMV credit
  • Branded-debit
  • Stored value and
  • NFC mobile payments

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The WaveReader fully supports credit & debit, stored value, and mobile payments.

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