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Athletic Laundry Equipment

Fast, Reliable Athletic Laundry Equipment

To keep your facility running smoothly, you need athletic laundry equipment explicitly designed for your professional, college or high school needs. And, you need it all to be dependable and able turn out load after load of workout gear, towels and uniforms.

Southeastern Laundry and its team of equipment and technicians will maximize cleanliness and minimize downtime, ensuring laundry areas are free from piles of soiled jerseys, towels, and sweats. Whether you need washing machines for football, hockey gear or baseball jerseys, we’ve got your bases covered. And Southeastern Laundry specializes in commercial on-premise laundry, so there is no team or facility too big for our expertise.

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Get Everything Clean By Game Time

Cleaning up after games and practices means turning gear around and having it ready for use as quickly as possible, with many pieces of gear requiring specalized cycles. Our athletic laundry equipment keeps your uniforms and other gear at the top of its game.

UW-65 washing machine

The UW-65 washing machine makes it easier to get gear clean:

  • UniLinc™ controls let you program 41 different cycles to choose the right kind of clean for every type of gear.
  • Fast-fill water valves and 400 G-force water extraction reduces wash time, letting you clean more gear more quickly.
  • UniLinc allows you to monitor error codes and maintenance reminders to keep machine downtime to a minimum.
  • Long-lasting and hard-working, this washer costs through water usage and requiring less repair and replacement.

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UT-75 dryer

The UT-75 dryer shortens drying cycles to lower your gear turnaround times.

  • OPTidry™ stops the dryer when clothing hits the correct level of dryness, both reducing dry time and helping your athletic gear to last longer.
  • UniLinc allows you to monitor maintenance reminders, error codes, and more, keeping maintenance times down and machine use time up.
  • Reversible steel door lets you arrange your laundry layout to maximize workflow.

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Home Run Service

Picture this: the team is ready to gear up for the big game. But, last night’s laundry didn’t finish because of a malfunctioning washing machine. A service tech was called, but hasn’t shown up yet. Now what?

With Southeastern Laundry, you won’t be guessing or waiting around. Our trained technicians are fast, knowledgeable and can finish most service calls in one trip.

And with scheduled maintenance, you’ll keep your hockey equipment washing machines and football jersey dryers in gameday shape all year around.

Winning Equipment for a Winning Team

Southeastern Laundry has long been a trusted name in athletic laundry equipment. We keep you ready for every load of soiled sweats, jerseys and towels so your teams can concentrate on their goals (and baskets, and home runs).

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