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UW Series High-Performance Washer-Extractor

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For high-capacity, on-premise laundries whose operation demands the best of the best, the best option is UniMac®. Durable construction and industry-leading innovations like UniLinc™ and OPTispray™ combine to deliver lower costs and higher throughput than any other laundry machine. Whether you operate a hotel, long-term care facility, or any other OPL, UniMac has the washer-extractor for you.

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  1. Labor – Cost Savings
    • Extraction Speeds of up to 400 G-Force – Helps reduce drying time and increase throughput
    • Advanced UniLinc™ Controls – An industry EXCLUSIVE on high-efficiency models which are easy to use
    • Rapid Jet Spray Rinse – 200% quicker fills means faster cycles
    • Overnight Delayed Start – Your laundry staff can begin their day with the first load ready for the dryer
    • Four Fast-Fill Water Valves – Shorter fill times mean shorter cycles
  2. Utility – Cost Savings
    • Frequency Drive System – Provides smooth, reliable power for optimal wash and extract performance
    • Auto-Leak Detection – Allows you to identify water leaks before they cost you utilities and downtime
    • UniLinc™ Controls – With 41 fully programmable cycles and easy-to-understand controls, the flexibility is yours
    • OPTispray™ – This industry-leading technology allows you to minimize the water required to rinse a load, reducing the cycle time with highly effective rinsing
    • Multiple Programmable Water Levels – Find the right level for each cycle with over 27 different options
  3. Value For Your Money
    • Industrial Construction Means Your Machine is Built to Run 24/7 – With a new frame design, every ounce of steel is optimized for strength
    • Laundry Operation Reports – Reports for production, wash quality, and operation give you full control over your laundry
    • UW45 and UW65 have a width of 34.24″ – Being able to fit through a standard 36″ door and six bolts with vertical-wrench access makes the installation a breeze
    • Larger Motor – Compared to a cabinet washer-extractor, the UniMac UW has 67% more horsepower
    • Lowest Cost of Ownership – “Longest Lasting” and “Hardest Working” are more than slogans – they are the results!
  4. Proven Performance
    • The heavy-duty frame weighs twice as much as a cabinet washer-extractor, which means it can handle any job
    • Low-Maintenance V-Belt Drive – Easy to service
    • Heavy-Duty Bearings and Seals – Cylindrical front/spherical rear bearings can handle 200% more force than ball bearings, which means a longer-lasting machine
    • Fifty-years and thousands of satisfied customers are the best proof of UniMac’s reliability
  5. Warranty
    • Each washer carries a five-year limited warranty on the frame, basket, shaft, bearings, and seals, which goes into effect should failure or breakage occur during normal operation due to a defect in the material or workmanship that would prohibit its further use. UniMac also issues a three-year warranty to the original purchaser on other parts. Southeastern is proud to offer labor warranties on the equipment we distribute lease speak to your local representative for specific details.

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