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Southeastern Laundry Equipment is a full-service distributor of coin laundry equipment and accessories for your laundromat. As such, we have the ancillary products needed to add that extra value to your business and help you to control your costs and profits.

Water Heaters

Hamilton Engineering provides commercial and light industrial water heating systems. They manufacture energy-saving hot water heaters for commercial coin laundries. More importantly, if you are concerned about utility consumption and the costs associated to your bottom line, then Hamilton Engineering’s coin laundry equipment can help. With twenty-five years of experience in the coin laundry industry, they are able to customize their products for your facility. Using their CompSize program, a properly sized system will lower your monthly gas bill, increase your profits, and alleviate potential problems associated with over-sizing and short cycling, as well as, under-sizing a hot water heater.

A.O. Smith water heaters: when it comes to high efficiency water heaters, no one comes close to their expertise and innovation. Whether you need a gas, electric, or even a solar panel water heater, A.O. Smith has what you need. Importantly, complete with high efficiency ratings and groundbreaking designs, these models are part of a new era in water heating.

When it comes to a tankless water heater there are only a few that have earned the Energy Star Partner ® Rating and still fewer attain a 98% condensing rating. Navien has achieved both! By heating water on-demand, you have the opportunity to save on heating costs like never before. Using an ultra-efficient burner, which uses less gas, resulting in a reduction of harmful emissions; it is better for you and the environment. As a result, with stainless-steel heat exchangers, a built-in circulation pump and dual microprocessors you can rest assured that your hot water needs are going to be taken care of.

Laundry Carts

For over sixty-years, R&B Wire Products has been manufacturing wire, tubular and steel related products serving the coin laundry industry. R&B Wire has a wide range of products and Southeastern Laundry Equipment is proud to distribute all of them.

Bill Changers

Southeastern Laundry Equipment offers the two leading manufacturers of bill changers. American Changer and Standard Changer both have been proven in the industry for years. Each manufacturer has a wide range of products to fit your specific needs.  Our sales representatives are experienced with each manufacturer and are able to help you determine the product that will best fit your needs.

Soap Vending

Vend-Rite Manufacturing has been serving the coin laundry industry since 1952. With a wide range of soap vending machines, Southeastern Laundry Equipment will be able to provide you with the perfect fit. Southeastern Laundry Equipment is able to quickly get your selection to your door.


Southeastern Laundry Equipment is able to provide two of the predominant and exquisite bulkheads. Given the power of choice, we are able to offer the best product at the best price. Duncan Fabricating provides custom-built bulkheads designed to fit in any commercial washing machine arrangement. The unit houses your specified plumbing and electrical for quick hook-up. With removable panels to provide easy access to washers, Duncan Fabricating is truly able to meet your needs.

High Mark Manufacturing provides a full range of products from bulkheads to folding tables, drain troughs, and furniture. Well versed in the needs of a coin laundry operator, High Mark Manufacturing will be able to provide as much or as little as you need.

Tables and Chairs

Offering a wide range of quality products at a good price, Caco Manufacturing Corporation has what a coin laundry owner needs. Tough, durable, rugged, versatile and appealing to the eyes best describes their offerings.  Southeastern Laundry Equipment is able to assist you in any way to identify, order, and install any of these products.