Car Wash Laundry

Easy-to-Use and Economical Car Wash Laundry Equipment

When cars are coming fast and furious, you need dependable, quick and easy-to-use car wash laundry machines. Because customers won’t wait on your dirty towels when they need to get back on the road.

Southeastern Laundry and its reliable, simple car wash laundry equipment will ensure you’re ready to roll when you need to be. Every quarter, as part of our scheduled maintenance program, our trained technicians will inspect your equipment to make certain it’s operating smoothly. And if you need the peace of mind of having equipment service and repairs completely covered, we offer extended service contracts. When you need immediate service, one of our expert technicians can complete the repair quickly—and since we carry most parts needed on our trucks, it will likely be in one trip.

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Clean Washing Made Simple

When you’re cleaning vehicles, you need fresh linens to make cars and trucks look their best. This car wash laundry machine makes your laundry—and business—shine.

UM202 washer

The UniMacTM UM202 is recognized as the most used washer extractor in the car wash industry thanks to:

  • High-speed extraction to lower drying times.
  • Easy-to-understand controls.
  • A simple design that’s easy to maintain and troubleshoot.
  • Efficiency—using less water per pound of soiled linen than any machine with a similar capacity.

Learn more about UniMac car wash extractors.

Rapid Repairs and Tune-Ups

Southeastern Laundry’s technicians are strategically located to address all of your car wash laundry equipment needs. And our advanced software gives them real-time access to service call information and customer records.

Scheduled maintenance includes a 77-point inspection that provides a complete report on your laundry equipment, giving you peace of mind. Quarterly operational inspections combined with on-call services mean reduced downtime and increased profits for you.

Cleaner Laundry, Cleaner Cars

For more than 40 years, Southeastern Laundry has been a trusted name in laundry equipment. Our car wash laundry machines will get your laundry cleaner, faster—so you can do the same for vehicles.

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