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How to reduce hotel laundry costs

One of the first things hotel guests notice in their rooms is the linen. Bed sheets, pillows and towels are very important as their quality are synonymous with comfort. You’ll want to invest in the best possible linen but you’ll also want to extend its lifespan as much as possible. Good linen can cost you a lot of money if you keep replacing it often which makes your laundry process super important. That’s why we’ve gathered these tips on how to reduce hotel laundry costs so you can give your guests the best possible experience withouth breaking the bank.

Low temperature wash

There was a time when it was believed hot water was the only way to clean linens but times have changed. Washing machines and chemicals these days work wonders in lower temperatures. Not only will you save on your water bill, you will also extend the lifespan of linen.

Encourage guests to reuse

This can be done through a simple laundry opt-out program. Such programs not only reduce laundry costs but your hotel’s carbon footprint. This makes it one of the most popular steps hotels everywhere are taking to become more eco-friendly and a great way to reduce hotel laundry costs.

Let your guests know about the environmental benefits from participating and let tehm decide. Ask if they want their bedding changed daily or if they can wait 2-3 days. Do the same with towels. Provide them with signage that can let the housekeeping staff what they have decided.

If guests are not willing to participate you can try offering benefits like points in your loyalty program or discount coupons for a future visit.

how to reduce hotel laundry costs


Make sure everybody in your team knows the measures and policies you want to implement. Properly trained employees will treat every item correctly.

If you’ve decided to implement a laundry opt-out program make sure everyone in your staff knows how it works.

Have extra linen

Buying more linen when you’re trying to cut linen costs may not sound like a great idea but think about it. If you don’t have enough items you’ll have to wash them way more often. This puts your investment in danger through wear and tear.

Plus, if the unexpected happens such as power outages or a broken machine, you’ll have enough extras to keep your operation going.

Update your equipment

Old machines could be costing you money! They might not be handling your linen properly anymore. You’ll spend more replacing bedding and towels plus repairs and service on old equipment.

Not only that but newer equipment is made to save water, gas and electricity. You’ll be saving money in your utility bills aswell.

Commercial laundry equipment can be a big investment but there are options worth checking out. Have you thought about leasing? It can give you brand new energy-efficient equipment withouth any capital, credit check or surprise costs.

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