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Is your water bill too high?

Wether you’re running a laundromat, hospitality business or manage an apartment building with its own on premise laundry room, utily costs are of utmost importance. Just think, was your last water bill too high?

In fact, more than 60% of laundromat owners consider utilities expenses as their biggest obstacle in the business! As costs are getting higher and higer it is more important than ever to keep your expenses under control.

Here are some tips that will help you to manage your water use.

#1.- Get new equipment!

Older machines use a lot more water than new ones so consider upgrading your current equipment. Having the best equipment gives you more than savings. Your customers will be happier than ever with the quality of your results!

is your water bill too high?

#2.- Service your machines!

Even brand new equipment needs constant care! Machines that are not well maintaned will cost you money. Instead, servicing your equipment result in them operating at their best. Plus, if there are any issues you will be able to notice them before they become a problem.

A lot of business owners struggle with this because giving maintenance to their machines before something breaks is not at the top of their priorities. If you keep forgetting to service your equipment then our service agreement is for you.

It works like an insurance plan – one set monthly price covers all repairs, parts replacements, and service visits. Is your water bill too high? With this plan you’ll be able to make a budget, stick to it and keep your bills under control.

#3 Train your staff and customers

Lowering your water expenses when you don’t have a service contract requieres a lot of attention.

If you can’t be vigilant all the time, rely on your staff! Ensure that they understand your goals and agree to follow water saving practices in your business.

If you offer self service laundry at your business then your customers need to be on board as well. Make some time to talk to them or even hang a few signs to teach them how to make the best of your facilities without wasting water.

Contact us to find out how we can help if your water bill is too high!

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