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Most time consuming tasks for hoteliers

Managers usually wear many different hats to keep their hotels running smoothly. I’m sure you’d like to forget about some duties so you can focus on the most time consuming tasks for hoteliers. Keep reading to find out what you need to focus on and how to make time for it!

Customer service

Guest satisfaction should always be your number 1 priority. Spend the most time making them happy. When possible address complaints personally, great loyal clients when they check-in and make yourself present. They should know you’re available if they ever need your assitance.

Go the extra mile when possible but don’t forget the basics. Clean rooms, security, internet and bedding! 78% of respondents in a travel survey said that comfortable beds in hotels are very important. After all, the core of the hotel business is to offer a good night’s sleep. So, make bedding a priority. If you think it’s a hassle to run a laundry operation to provide this utmost important amenity then you should check out Southeaster Laundry’s options for you. You won’t ever waste precious time just because you forgot to schedule maintenance for a laundry machine.

Train your staff

Your guests should know they can count on you, but make sure they don’t need to. Well trained staff will be able to handle most of their needs well and quickly.

The staff keep your business running and can make or break your reputation. Listen to them, find out what skills you can help them develop and commit to them. Be professional and dedicated towards them so they do the same to your guests.

Gather your data

Data is at the root of a successful (or not) marketing campaign so make sure you have it. A lot of booking is done online these days and OTAs don’t always share guests’ data with you. Make sure you gather the information yourself during their stay so you are no so dependant on OTAs.

This information can be a great asset when developing loyalty programs or personalized deals.

Online reputation

Online reviews are more important than ever. Potential customers most likely will check the experiences of past customers before making a decision.

Make sure you are on top of all of your reviews and reply to every single one, specially the negative ones in an amicable manner.

most time consuming tasks for hoteliers

These are all very important tasks but are also the most time consuming for hoteliers. Make sure that whenever you find a way to time save in other areas you take it. Time management is key to a successful business!

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