How to make hotel guests happy.

Your guests are the most important part of any hospitality business. You should always be looking for new ideas on how to make your hotel guests happy. Make them feel special and you will encourage them not only to come back but also to tell friends and family about you. Keeping up the good work will better your brand.

It all starts before they arrive

Touch base with them pre-arrival. Help their check-in process to go faster with a detailed email.

Pre-arrival communication can help you get to know your guests better. Find out what is the purpose of their visit so you can tailor an experience just for them.

If a family is coming on vacation you can offer them museum recommendations and even coupons for local attractions.

Keep your promises

There’s nothing worst thn making it to your hotel room after a long day traveling only to find that you can’t connect to the wi-fi or there’s no hot water. Everything that you advertize should be completely functional by the time your guests arrive.

And in the event that there’s something wrong, there should be someone on staff to fix it as soon as possible. Make sure to offer a discount or any other special perk for the inconvenience.

Offer free amenities

Amenities are so important that often times they become the deciding factor between two hotels. If one has free breakfast but the other doesn’t, the former is more likely to win the guest.

Many guests won’t mind paying a little extra if it means they will get extra things like fluffy robes or high end beauty products.

Properly train your staff

Everyone in your staff should be trained in customer service. No matter if they don’t usually face the customers, you’ll never know when a guest will need something and they will ask the first person they see. Make sure everyone is able to help.

Become an expert in your area

Be prepared to answer all types of questions. parents might be looking for local child friendly restaurants. Someone else might need to know opening and closing times for attractions or the price of museums.

Make them feel like you’re giving them the local scoop. Help them have a genuine experience that only those in the know can have. It will make them feel extra special and not like just another tourist in your building.

how to make hotel guests happy

Now you know how to make your hotel guests happy but… how will you find the time in your busy schedule to make it happen?

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