UT Series Stack Tumble Dryer

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  • Two drying tumblers in one single unit stacked to save on valuable floor space
  • Optimum combination of drying temperature, airflow, and cylinder space to reduce utility use and drying times
  • Reversible steel door to allow you to increase workflow for your specific laundry layout, can be done in 15 minutes
  • High grade, heavy duty door and door hinge to stand up to the toughest conditions and stand the test of time
  • Optional C.A.R.E & System, in the event of a fire in the dryer this system will detect the conditions that may cause a catastrophic fire and suppress it with a multi-port water injection manifold
  • Microprocessor controller gives you 11 auto-dry levels, with program adjustable capabilities such as cycle time, temperature, and cool down times
  • Both stack dryer capacities can fit through a standard 36″ door
  • Dual Digital timers for manual operation of drying times and cool down times
  • Interchangeable components for quick trouble shooting and ease of service
  • Galvanized pre-coated steel cylinder wont corrode, chip, crack or pit under normal use
  • Motors Contain overload protection system

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