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UC Series Cabinet Hardmount Washer-Extractor

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Cabinet Hardmount Washer-Extractors are designed to meet the low-volume application needs of small on-premise laundry facilities. Delivering the durability and performance you expect from the world leader in commercial laundry equipment, the Cabinet Hardmount is designed to remain highly-efficient with a high throughput in a more affordable package.

  1. Labor – Cost Savings
    • Large Loading Door – For easy loading of the cylinder
    • Advanced Computer Controls – Your choice of the M30, M9, or M4 controller
    • Engineered for quick troubleshooting and ease of service
    • Available in 100 or 200 G-Force extract speeds, depending on the controls selected
  2. Utility – Cost Savings
    • Frequency Drive System – Provides smooth, reliable power for optimum performance
    • Interchangeable Electronic Control Modules
    • Reduced Water Consumption – An average of 11% water reduction from our previous models
  3. Value For Your Money
    • Direct V-Belt Drive – Which means reduced training and maintenance
    • Reduced Sound Levels – Because of the heavier frame, more vibration is dissipated, quieting the machine’s operation
  4. Proven Performance
    • The newly re-designed frame is constructed of plate steel, making it stronger than ever
    • Heavy Duty Bearings and Seals – Two close-tolerance ball bearings are permanently lubricated for trouble-free operation
    • Thousands of satisfied customers are the best proof of UniMac’s claims.
  5. Warranty
    • Each washer carries a five-year limited warranty on the frame, basket, shaft, bearings, and seals, which goes into effect should failure or breakage occur during normal operation due to a defect in the material or workmanship that would prohibit its further use. UniMac also issues a three-year warranty to the original purchaser on other parts. Southeastern is proud to offer labor warranties on the equipment we distribute; please speak to your local representative for specific details.

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