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Carwash Top-Load Washer-Extractor

Model # UM202

  1. Labor – Cost Savings
    • Faster Cycle Times
    • Simple design with easy-to-understand controls
    • No special flooring or anchoring for installation
    • High 678 G-Force extraction
  2. Utility – Cost Savings
    • High extraction means reduced drying times
    • Water level switch ensures proper amount of water is in cylinder at all times
    • With Turbo Jet Spray and adjustable spray nozzle, the UM202 uses less water per pound of soiled linen than any other machine of similar capacity.
  3. Value For Your Money
    • All stainless steel construction guarantees heavy-duty use and operation
    • Automatic Supply Dispenser
  4. Proven Performance
    • Throughout the car wash industry, the UniMac UM202 is recognized as the most used washer extractor
    • Simple design allows for low maintenance and ease of troubleshooting
  5. Warranty
    • Each UM202 carries a two-year limited warranty which does into effect should failure occur during normal operation due to defects in the material or workmanship.

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