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Multi Family Options

We have four options to fit your Multi-family laundry room needs

Complete Multifamily Laundry Systems

When it comes to laundry, you and your residents are looking for convenience. Our multifamily laundry systems combine durable, hard-working machines with the latest payment technology to offer you – and your residents – peace of mind.  You can rest assured that the machines will be maintained regularly and serviced quickly to reduce downtime. Plus, we want to be your long-term multi-housing laundry partners. That’s why we offer a variety of different programs customized  just for you

Not sure which option is best for your needs?

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Revenue Share

$0 Upfront cost

$55 Lease amount per machine per month

Revenue Share Programs To Fit Your Needs

With our extensive variety of revenue sharing programs, Southeastern Laundry provides complete laundry management for your multi-family laundry facilities. All our programs are customized with your facility in mind.

We provide high quality washers and dryers equipped with the latest payment technology to keep the machines available to residents when they need them. Our large service department is ready to support your equipment in a timely and professional manner. Our customer service department can help with day-to-day questions, resident payment questions and more.


A revenue share program to with financial, customer, and internal benefits

Revenue share programs with Southeastern make your laundry room hassle free. Here’s what you get:

Increased net income

Lower utility costs

No capital expenditure

High quality equipment

Latest payment technology

Customer satisfaction

Hassle free management

Exceptional service response

Customized to your facility.



Equipment Lease

$0 Upfront cost

$85 Lease amount per machine per month

Lease Front Load Washer – Card Ready

No matter what type of multi-family operation you manage.  With no upfront costs, now’s the time to lease durable, hard-working machines with the latest technology for the most convenient resident experience. No upfront costs mean, you can keep your cash for other items that need your attention. And rest assured, we’ll schedule routine maintenance to reduce downtime and increase your revenue.

A multi-family equipment lease focused on your bottom-line

Equipment leasing with Southeastern gets you operating efficiently, faster. Here’s what you get:

Access to new, energy-efficient equipment—with no upfront expenses

Service and parts included in your monthly cost

No unplanned charges when machines break, so you can plan your budget

No credit check required

100% tax deductible equipment leasing

Featured commercial equipment



Service Agreement

Service Agreement

Our Service agreements are offered in 1, 3, or 5 year terms. They work like an insurance plan – one set monthly price covers all repairs, parts replacements, and service visits. The Service Contract is maintained by our factory-certified techs who will be onsite within 48 hours.

Laundry equipment repair service bills can be unpredictable. They may fit within your budget one month but skyrocket the next. By entering into a service contract with Southeastern Laundry, you’ll be able to budget for commercial washer and dryer service and maintenance expenses.

Equipment repairs

One set price & budget predictability

Happier residents




Purchase Equipment

Built for reliability

Flexible payment options

Equipment Your Multi-family Community Can Depend On

You don’t need to sign a contract for your washers, dryers, and other laundry equipment if you’d rather own it yourself. We offer direct sales so you can own the best equipment from Speed Queen, providing a commercial-grade solution for your community.

Make Laundry Effortless For Your Residents

Give your residents an easy, enjoyable experience when they need to do their laundry.  We offer convenience payment options with our multi-family machines including: coin, credit card, value transfer and app-based.

State-of-the-art commercial-grade equipment backed by best-in-class warranty

You choose: coin, mobile pay and card readers available

Best in class service from factory-trained technicians