Equipment trade in

Get money back for your old equipment

If eligible, there are a couple of options when it comes to trading in your equipment.

  1. This is a straight forward trade in. We write you a check to buy your old equipment. This will leave you the option to purchase new equipment or lease new equipment while receiving money back for your old equipment.
  2. We can “buyout and lease” your current equipment. This is where we will cut you a check for your current equipment and lease it back to you. This is good for those who have recently purchased newer equipment, but want all the benefits of leasing. (free scheduled maintenance, free service and parts, free installation etc)

Fill out the form below to be considered for trade in and determine your equipment’s eligibility.




Leasing Equipment Saves Time and Money

Advantages of Leasing Equipment include:

  • Priority Service
  • Tax Advantaged—100% Deductible
  • Brand New Energy-Efficient Equipment
  • Delivery and Installation Included
  • No Credit Check
  • $0 Money Down – No Capital Needed
  • No Surprise Costs– Know What Your Budget Is
  • Never Pay for Service or Parts Again
  • Training and Support For Your Staff
  • Routine Scheduled Maintenance

Southeastern Laundry offers cost-effective leasing options for on-premise laundry, multi-family installations and vended coin laundries.

Contact us today to discuss the many advantages of leasing state of the art laundry equipment from Southeastern Laundry.

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