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Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair Service

Put your trust in our friendly, knowledgeable service techs

The Largest, Most Experienced Commercial Washer Repair Service in the Southeast

Laundry equipment repair service is our specialty, so it doesn’t have to be yours. Our expert service team will ensure your commercial washing equipment is running smoothly on the first visit, saving you time and money.

As soon as one of our service specialists takes the call, we dispatch a truck with 1,200 unique replacement parts to your location. With so many parts on hand, we’re able to complete on-site repair of your commercial or coin-operated washers and dryers.

Benefits of calling Southeastern’s laundry equipment repair team

  • Our expansive technician network throughout the Southeast ensures you will have onsite help within 48 hours.
  • Our technicians understand your unique situation with real-time access to service calls and records thanks to our custom-designed software.
  • Driven to meet your needs, we keep up with industry service certifications.
  • We offer advanced service seminars for chief engineers or other advanced staff to help your laundry operation run efficiently.

Committed to your bottom line

We take commercial laundry repair seriously. We know you cannot afford downtime, whether you run an on-premise laundry operation or a laundromat.

Our expansive in-house parts inventory for major laundry brands means we can fix most commercial or coin-operated machines within 24 hours. We focus on repairing your existing equipment before recommending costly machine replacement, especially when replacement is not necessary.

When you need a long-term partner, we offer commercial laundry equipment service plans that focus on monthly preventative measures. By partnering with us through a service plan, you’ll reduce overall downtime and ultimately save money because your equipment will run more efficiently.

Faster commercial laundry repair service for your equipment

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