Chemical dosage importance: reasons to monitor it frequently

Chemical dosage is of the utmost importance when doing laundry. It carefully introduces the exact amount of chemicals required for each unique wash cycle. This significantly enhances your outcomes. Are you constantly monitoring your chemical dosage, or did you just set it and forget it?

Maintaining your chemicals properly guarantees optimal dosing performance. The following are some benefits of proper chemical dosing:

  • You will save on your detergent and other chemicals spending as overfills and spillage is eliminated.
  • It allows you to properly program the cycle temperatures which ends up saving energy.
  • Your equipment’s life extends as clogging and blockages occurr less often.
  • Accidents are less likely to happen as the possibility of chemicals coming in contact with your skin is reduced.
  • The quality of your results will just be better.
Chemical dosage importance

Chemical dosage is of the utmost importance. What should you do to ensure it is working at its best for you?

Bundle chemicals and equipment with Southeastern Laundry! Get industrial cleaning supplies, dependable equipment, planned maintenance, and rapid troubleshooting from one source and save yourself the bother. With over 40 years of experience, we know what you need for commercial laundry, foodservice, and janitorial services, and we can provide the appropriate tools, supplies, and cleaning agents.

Onsite surveys
Through an on-site housekeeping survey, we review every aspect of your commercial kitchen, janitorial or laundry cleaning process. We look at the use of chemicals as well as the amount of energy and labor. We also check wear and tear on equipment and analyze indirect costs, such as supplies, maintenance and overhead. 

Machine leasing
Leasing machines and equipment eliminates maintenance hassles. Our highly skilled technicians regularly service leased machines, resulting in fewer repair costs and less downtime.  

Warewash assessment
We help ensure your machines are operating at peak efficiency and only consuming the necessary energy amount.  

Chemical dosing assessment
Ensure your concentration and dosing levels are right where they need to be, so you always have enough and don’t run out sooner than you expect. 

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