Increase Hotel Profits with These Strategies

Hoteliers have had a lot of difficulties lately with declining earnings and lost revenue. They have been compelled by the pandemic to look for fresh and creative approaches to increase revenue. Although there isn’t a magic bullet for maximizing hotel revenue, there’s a number of tactics you can combine to boost it. These are the┬átop revenue-generating tactics to increase hotel profits.

Offer Early Check-In and Late Checkout

Charging for upscale amenities like early check-in and late checkout is a straightforward yet efficient strategy to boost income at your hotel. This is something that many hotel guests want, and most hotels grant this request at no cost. But hotels can boost their income significantly by charging for these services.

Research indicates that patrons are willing to shell out between $20 and $50 for an early check-in. Certain hotels bring in over $30,000 annually from these extra charges. Furthermore, because the money from these fees directly affects the hotel’s bottom line, early check-in and late checkout fees account for nearly 100% of profit. It’s crucial to remember that during times of high occupancy, hotels might not always be able to comply with requests for early check-in or late checkout.

Take Advantage of Other Upsell Opportunities

Hotels can optimize their revenue potential by leveraging these opportunities:

  • Parking Fees: As part of their usual billing procedures, many hotels now charge for parking and valet services.
  • Pet Fees: Guests are frequently prepared to pay an additional price to bring their pets along.
  • Shuttle Transportation: Providing shuttle services to the airport or other sites can make visitors’ stays more convenient and bring in more money.
  • Retail or Gift Shop: Hotels can boost income by selling goods in a retail or gift shop.
Increase Hotel Profits

Ready to start?

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