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Bundling Chemicals and Equipment for Commercial Laundry

Are you sick and tired of the never-ending conflict concerning the programming of your commercial washing machines between your chemical supplier and equipment supplier? Having to deal with the fallout from misprogrammed equipment can be a nightmare, leading to ineffective cleaning or possibly breaking your belongings. But stop worrying now! Bundling chemicals and equipment for commercial laundry with one supplier will solve this issue.

It’s normal for your laundry chemical and equipment providers to be unfamiliar with one another’s systems when you use multiple suppliers. The “chemical guys” might try to program your devices to use their supplies, but they frequently make mistakes in the programming since they don’t have a good understanding of your equipment. As a result, the itemsĀ either don’t get cleaned or end up getting ruined.

Usually what happens is that you call the chemical supplier to report the issue, and they tell you that the equipment supplier is to blame. When you contact the equipment supplier to request a maintenance check, they accuse the chemical provider of being the cause of the programming problems. You get stuck with defective equipment as a result of this never-ending loop.

Bundling Chemicals and Equipment for Commercial Laundry
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The Solution: Bundling Chemicals and Equipment for Commercial Laundry

It is easy to break free from this annoying cycle by working with the same supplier for both your chemicals and equipment. By doing this, you can avoid arranging separate appointments and acting as a referee between various businesses. You may save time, frustration, and downtime by having a single point of contact for all of your needs instead.

1. Seamless Integration

You can be sure that your equipment and chemicals are made to function together harmoniously if they are supplied by the same company. This means that your equipment will have the proper programming, guaranteeing the best possible cleaning results and shielding your itemsĀ from harm.

2. Cost Savings

Purchasing your equipment and chemicals together might also result in significant cost savings. For instance, when you bundle their chemicals, Southeastern Laundry offers a 10% discount on washing machine leasing or free scheduled maintenance for a year. good chemical and equipment coordination also means fewer linen replacements, cheaper chemical expenses from accurate dosing, and even utility savings from good programming.

3. Enhanced Efficiency

It is also more efficient to have one service handle all of your cleaning needs. Providers like Southeastern Laundry can assist you in understanding how your chemicals and equipment are working together by doing a complimentary laundry room assessment. They may provide advice and ideas on how to extend the life of your linens, make your laundry system function better overall, and boost productivity.

4. Customer Loyalty and Trust

You gain the loyalty and trust of your clients when your commercial laundry operations continuously produce high-quality results thanks to the right mix of chemicals and machinery. Clients will value the neatness and attention to detail displayed in their belongings, which will encourage return business and excellent word-of-mouth recommendations.

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