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How to reduce linen replacement costs

High-quality, beautiful, tidy, and hygienic bedding is a necessity for a pleasant hotel stay. Towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, and bathrobes can have a substantial influence on the linen budget. Here are five tips on how to reduce linen replacement costs:

Encourage guests to reuse towels
Many hotel guests are willing to reuse towels and linens in between washes. Turns out they do not need to have them clean every day. Hotels might therefore stress the option of reusing towels by implementing a policy of changing linens only upon request. This results in a lower water and energy usage and increases the lifespan of linens.

Keep laundry on-site
Outsourcing hotel laundry services may lead to missing linens and higher replacement prices. By having a dedicated on-site laundry room and keeping better track of each load of linen to speed up turnaround and enhance inventory management, hotels may save these costs.

How to reduce linen replacement

Use specific cycle settings
A one-size-fits-all approach to laundering can reduce the lifespan of linen. This is due to harsh chemicals and long rinse and extraction cycles. It is a better idea to install commercial laundry machines that can be programmed. This allowes staff to choose the ideal cycle for towels, sheets, comforters, tablecloths, and other hotel linens. This will enable gentle, efficient laundering that maintains the quality of the linen.

Upgrade Commercial Laundry Equipment
When you use old laundry equipment, your linens won’t be as clean as they should be. Because up to date commercial laundry equipment incorporates cutting-edge operating systems and equipment designs to improve efficiency and quality, hotels should think about investing in it.

Commercial laundry equipment can be a big investment but there are options worth checking out. Have you thought about leasing? It can give you brand new energy-efficient equipment withouth any capital, credit check or surprise costs.

Focus on Linen Value
Although buying cheap linens might seem like a good idea, they actually end up costing more because of their shorter lifespan. In addition to having a shorter useful life, poor quality linens have a negative effect on guest perception, which decreases bookings and costs the hotel money. Hotels should therefore purchase nicer linens and taking good care of them to save replacement expenses.

Hotels can lower linen replacement costs, save resources, and achieve sustainability goals while ensuring guests have a good stay by putting the aforementioned tips on how to reduce linen replacement costs into practice.

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