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Staffing for on-premise laundry operations

If you are running a hotel, nursing facility or outsourcing facility, you will need the best people you can find to make sure your operation is running smoothly.  Here are a few staffing tips for on-premise laundry operations.

First, you will have to define how and when your laundry room is going to operate.  You can have a single shift, multiple shifts or run a 5- or 7-day work week. The goal here is to make sure you have ample time to process the task at hand in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Your industry will help dictate the size of your staff. Hotels, retirement homes and health facilities have bigger needs as they have a large amount of linen and other items to clean every day. Plus, the process goes beyond washing and drying.  Par levels ensure you have linens to make beds and turn the room for the next customer or patient. Linen must be distributed and neatly placed in each room, which makes the operation more complex.

Running an efficient on-premise laundry operation is essential to your business model.  Providing the right amount of labor, energy efficient machines, and a laundry partner to keep down time to a minimal level are all major factors in on-premise laundries.

Staffing for on-premise laundry operations

Beyond staffing for on-premise laundry operations

Once you know how many employees you need is time to find them. This can be tricky as a laundry room attendant needs to have a number of different skills. The hardest part is to find someone who, on top of everything, can do general everyday routine maintenance to your equipment.

If you find a candidate you like for processing, hire them! If they don’t have technical knowledge dont’ worry, we can take care of that!

Our factory-certified reps will be onsite within 48 hours and have years of knowledge across industries, from hotels and nursing facilities to fire stations and correctional services, to athletic facilities and car washes.

Be sure you will not be surprised by unexpected equipment repair costs.   Southeastern Laundry offers three advanced options: Scheduled Maintenance, our Service Contract, and Equipment Leasing which covers the cost of parts and repairs. 

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