Benefits of Laundry Equipment Leasing

Setting up a laundry facility for your business is a great idea but the upfront costs may be stoppping you. If that’s your case then you need to know about the benefits of laundry equipment leasing. It could be the perfect solution for your needs.

It’s quicker

To buy equipment you’ll probably need to take out a loan. The leasing process is way easier and faster which allows you to start working as soon as possible.

It’s tax advantaged

Leasing laundry equipment with Southeastern Laundry is 100% deductible!

It retains capital

When you lease you’re able to keep money for teh day to day expenses of operating your business or to spend in other areas where you can innovate.

It allows you to keep your equipment updated

Technology keeps evolving and new and better equipment keeps entering the market. If you wish to upgrade, but your equipment was bought, you’ll need to sell it in order to purchase it new machines. That’s not a problem when you’re leasing!

benefits of laundry equipment leasing

It resists inflation

When you enter a leasing agrement with Southeastern Laundry Equipment, your monthly payment will always remain the same for the duration of your lease, no matter if inflation keeps growing.

More benefits of laundry equipment leasing with Souteastern Laundry:

  • Low monthly payments: Leasing equipment means lower monthly payments that if you were buying your machines with a loan or credit.
  • Don’t pay extra for service or parts: These are always included in your monthly payment so no matter what happens you’ll never have to pay more.
  • Maintenance is included: We will schedule routine maintenance to make sure your equipment is always running properly. If there’s any issue we can catch it before it becomes a problem.

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