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Top hospitality technology trends 2023

Technology helps hoteliers provide the best service and accommodations to their guests. Are you ready? Let’s take a look at the top hospitality technology trends 2023.

Mobile check-in and check out

A consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is that guests prefer to avoid in person interactions. Younger travelers specially, are less keen on face to face exchanges. Being able to skip the front desk by checking in and out from their phones will be greatly appreciated.

Top hospitality technology trends 2023
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Smart rooms

Smart rooms can include room service apps. Apps can also control the room’s lighting and temperature or even request laundry services. In -room tablets (which among other things can be used for the app instead of their own device). Smart TVs (guests like to unwind at the end of the day with their favorite streaming shows and movies). Voice control so they can among other things control the lights and temperature of the room with just their voice.


Younger travelers prefer to avoid talking with people if possible. That’s why more and more hotels are using chatbots.

A chatbot can either answer frequently asked questions or send the guest to the correct department. If someone is wondering how late the hotel bar is open or which is the best pizza in town, a chatbot can easily answer their questions.


Don’t worry, robots won’t replace hospitality staff anytime soon, but they can help them fulfill their duties.

Hotels are already using robots for cleaning and vacumming, helping staff do their job faster.

Big data

Big data refers to the large collection of information that businesses get from their clients. Which in hospitality, it’s a lot!

What matters the most is how you use that data. It can be used to research customer behavior so you can make better business decisions.

More hospitality technology trends for 2023


Only about 25% of all U.S. businesses are fully compliant with current data security best practices. 25% is not enough! Nowadays, all businesses need to think about cybersecurity. This is specially true of hotels since, as we mentioned before, they deal with a lot of guests’ personal information. This makes hotels a very attractive target for criminals.

Make sure to have an in-house team, or at the very least perform regular checks to secure your networks and establish security protocols.

Contactless payments

After the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been moving more towars cards and digital payments than cash. At a time when hospitality workers could use tips the most, giving guests a practical solution is very important. Make it easier for your guests, and keep your staff happy.

Artificial intelligence

Artifical Intelligence can improve both the productivity of your hotel and the overall stay of your guest. Chatbots that handle a significant part of customer service; In-room digital voice assitants. The possibilities are endless.

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