How to create a sense of community in property management

Before answering how to create a sense of community in property management, you might be wondering why is it important at all.

The top priorities in property management are financial and business oriented, which often causes community to be forgotten. But did you know community is very relevant to the financial success of your business?

Tenant retention

A sense of community is basic fot any tenant’s happiness in your property. If they feel part of something, if they have a sense of belonging, chances are they will stay longer.


Word of mouth is real! If your current tenants are happy, the will talk about it. They will promote the property and help you with your marketing without even realizing it.

Fewer complaints

Happy tenants are overall more positive. This usually means that they won’t complain as much. Plus, if there is a community feeling, neighbors are less likey to have disputes. And when they do have them, they will probably resolve it among themselves withouth bringing you in.

Now you know why so… how to create a sense of community in property management?


Do you have a constant way of communicating with tennants? If the answer is no, you really want to get to it, they will appreciate it! Depending on the demographics of your community, you can send a physical newsletter or emails.

It doesn’t have to be a whole thing. Just desing a simple template and then, every so often send it out with updates and information.

Social spaces and events

Your community already has common areas so take full advantage of them!

It’s well known that the laundry room is one of the few places where neighbors actually talk to each other. Make sure your laundry room is a space where people want to space time in so they can interact and get to know each other.

Classes and clubs and events.

After spending some time chatting at the laundry room, neighbors now know each other so… what’s next?

Establishing classes, clubs or just organizing events is a perfect way to take them out of the laundry room and strengthening relationships. TIP: Food always brings people together!

How to create a sense of community in property management

It is important to start small (that’s why we recommend putting attention to the communal spaces first). If they don’t even know each others names they’re least likely to participate, but if you’ve done a good job so far, your tennants will be happy to connect with each other.

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