Outsourcing vs On Premise Laundry

If your business requires laundry -hotels, hospitals, gyms, restaurants- you might be facing an important decision. Outsourcing vs On premise laundry, what’s best for your operation?

Small and mid sized business are starting to outsource their laundry operations. It allows them to avoid a big initial investment adn hiring extra staff. So yes, it definitively has its advantages, but on-premise laundry (OPL) is still preferred by the majority. Let’s find out why:

Quality control

When you have your own equipment and chemicals you can be sure all your items are being washed properly.

outsourcing vs on premise laundry


If you are running an hospitality or wellness business, the last thing you want is for your linen to be mixed with hospital items. Linen that comes from healthcare facilities can be contaminated. Laundry outsourcing companies often have clients from a wide variety of industries. You can’t be 100% sure your things won’t be mixed with something that can potentially be dangerous for your guests and staff.

Turnaround time

Outsourcing is definitively a longer process. You items need to travel to another facility. If they have many clients, your things will have to wait for their turn. And then, they have to make it all the way back to you.

OPL allows for a faster turnaround time which means you don’t need to keep as many extra pars to keep up with the demand of your clients.

In the battle between outsourcing vs on premise laundry, outsourcing does have advantages too.

The two biggest reasons why businesses go for it are very simple:

  • Avoiding initial investment
  • Not having to worry about maintenance and repairs.

Both sound really appealing but guess what? There’s a way to have your own on premise laundry equipment while avoiding those two big headaches. If that’s the only thing stopping you then you might want to learn more about leasing commercial laundry equipment.

With Southeastern Laundry you get low monthly payments, a fixed price and all maintenance is included. That’s right, you won’t ever pay extra for service or parts.

No matter what business you’re in, savings and peace of mind can be a reality for you too. Contact us to learn how you too can have your own on premise laundry facility without the hassle of buying and maintaining equipment.

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