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Housekeeping technologies for your hotel

Guests look into location, price and other amenities, but at the end of the day, what they are looking for is the best room to sleep in. This means a comfortable and clean room to spend the night while traveling. And this is exactly why housekeeping is so important in the hospitality businesses. As the world evolves, you’ll want to stay relevant and give your guest the best possible service. These five housekeeping technologies might be what you need to achieve just that.

1. Software

Housekeeping software works wonders to manage activities and monitor the progress of your housekeeping team. It allows managers to create a list of tasks for a day or to asign specific rooms to individual employees.

Details for each team member can also be stored in the software to assist with scheduling and payroll.

2. Apps and voice control

Apps can facilitate direct communication between guests and the housekeeping staff to let them know if they need supplies or want their room to be cleaned.

Smart devices in the rooms can also be controlled with apps making it possible for employees to fix some issues remotely.

3. Robotic team

Robotic vacuums are already incredibly popular in the consumer markets. Soon these, and other robotic helpers will become part of housekeeping teams in hotels all over the world.

This technology will help to alliviate the burden your employees have to finish each room on time. Robots can make sure floors are cleaned will humans focuse on other tasks. Plus, these helpers can also be controlled remotely.

housekeeping technologies

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will be vital to automate tasks and reduce the pressure on employees. It will also help the housekeeping department to use time more effectively.

For example, when the houseeking crew goes to a room but guests are still there, they need to move and find another room to clean. These few minutes lost start counting and can make a mess of productivity. According to a study by d2o, the daily work of a single housekeeping employee is of 18 tasks but each staff member spends around 10 to 15 percent of their time trying to find a free room to clean next.

Smart devices can let employees know if a certain room is free or not. They can also tell the crew if they need to bring any special resources or refill toiletries so that the team doesn’t lose extra time picking those items up in the middle of cleaning.

5. Modern laundry equipment

Laundry sounds boring and might feel out of place in a blog about new housekeeping technologies but the number one thing guests want out of a hotel is a good night’s sleep. High quality cleaning of bedding and towels are escential to keep your guests comfortable.

Make sure to upgrade your equipment and use only the best chemicals possible. At Southeaster Laundry we bundle equipment and chemicals so you can offer the best quality withouth any of the hassle!

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