Laundry equipment downtime and how to avoid it

Laundry equipment downtime will take its toll in any kind of business, specially on a laundromat. There’s nothing worse than entering a laundromat to find out-of-order machines and long wait times to use those still working. 

Customers will be frustrated. If it happens often, or if machines are broken for too long they will start thinking that the machines in your laundromat are ALWAYS broken. Of course, any owner knows that machines being down are a daily ocurrance, often with an easy fix. The problem is that an annoyed client can give your business a bad reputation. When equipment stops, so does revenue.

That’s why maintenance is of crucial importance to keep your equipment working at its best every day. For that reason we’ve made this checklist that you can download for free. It is a monthly checklist that our techs use as a way to ensure your equipment is running optimally.

laundry equipment downtime

Preventive maintenance will work wonders to avoid laundry equipment downtime but you should also be ready for major repairs that maintenance can’t prevent. 

This is where downtime can prolong too much. Owners usually call service technicians that take longer than expected to make it to their shops. When they finally show up and check your machine, they might find that they need to replace a part so they will leave to place an order while you wait another couple of days until they’re back to finally fix whatever problem you had.

Luckily, with Southeastern Laundry you can reduce your laundry equipment downtime!

When you lease with us you get priority service everytime. This means that getting your equipment back up and running will always be at the top of our to do list.

Never pay extra for service, parts or routine scheduled maintenance as they are always included. You get all this for one simple monthly payment so you don’t have repair cost surprises. You can call us as many times as you need for no extra fee! Plus, our technicians are always close by and will make it to your store ASAP. Even better, they’ll always have all the tools and parts that might be needed so your equipment will be back in working order in one single visit.

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