Chemicals and equipment from one provider? Yes!

A saga you have probably experienced…..

Our Problem:
The ‘chemical guys’ try to program our laundry equipment to work with their supplies. The issue is they have no idea how our machines work, so they end up making a mess of the programming.

Your problem:
Since the equipment is programmed incorrectly, your items aren’t getting clean or worse, they are getting destroyed. So your process looks something like…

  1. You contact the ‘chemical guys’ about the problem but they say ‘that’s the equipment guys fault.’
  2. So you call the ‘equipment guy’ to do a maintenance check 
  3. After a maintenance check, the ‘equipment guy’ says ‘that’s the chemical guys fault’ 
  4. Back to square one… call ‘the chemical guy’  again

*All the while you’re stuck with equipment that’s not working properly*

the chemical guy vs the equipment guy. chemicals and equipment

Has your “chemical guy” ever tried to program your machines to work with their supplies and fail miserably? If you have different providers for your chemicals and equipment then the answer is probably yes.

A chemical provider that is not familiar with your equipment but trying to make it work with their chemical system is a disaster waiting to happen. More than likely, they will program your machines incorrectly causing damage in more ways than one.

So…what is the solution?

Bundle chemicals and equipment with the same provider and save!

We took our 40 years of experience to make your cleaning needs hassle free – we became the “chemical guy’ and the “equipment” guy so you no longer have to play ‘referee’ between the two. Having all your cleaning needs handled by the same provider will save you time, stress, and downtime. No more coordinating with different companies, no need to schedule separate appointments, no more incorrect programming.

Did we mention it can also save you money inmate ways than one? We offer 10% off a washing machine lease or free scheduled maintenance for a year when you bundle chemicals with Southeastern Laundry. On top of those savings, you will also save on certain operational costs because your equipment and chemicals will be working together. Some examples are lower linen replacements, lower chemical costs due to proper dosing and collaboration with equipment, and less on utilities with proper programming. When you factor in that you’ll be building customer loyalty and trust with high quality results, it is a no brainer!

We take our 40 years of experience to cover our clients’ complete cleaning needs and do it right. We are the only business in the Southeast that can be your ‘chemical guy’ and your ‘equipment guy’.

Not sure what your laundry room really needs?

We are here to help. We offer laundry room assessments free of charge. (don’t worry – it sounds like a lot more than it really is)  When we do laundry room assessments, our main goal is to help you understand more about your laundry room and how to make sure it is operating efficiently  We will walk you through your equipment and chemicals performance and give you some pointers on how you can increase overall efficiency.

We will answer some questions like 

  • Are your chemicals and equipment preforming in conjunction with one another?
  • Are your chemicals and equipment programmed to optimize linen lifetime?
  • How is the overall health of your laundry system?

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