Hospitality trends that will boost your revenue.

We live in an world that is always changing and evolving. Your business should not be the exception. Keeping up with hospitality trends will help you take advantage of business opportunities that you would otherwise miss.

Sticking to your tried formula might be enticing, but this trends can set you apart from the competition. Check them out and analyze which ones make sense to implement at your hotel.


Smart Homes are common place nowadays, so why not Smart Hotels? People have gotten used to controlling every aspect of their home with apps or voice controls and will expect to be able to do the same in their hotel rooms.

Guests could save their preferences on their app and have everything at their liking when they visit you next. Your clients don’t want to be just one more, they want personalized attention and this is a great way to give it to them.

That same app could include a chatbot which would allow your guests to get immediate answers instead of having to call the front desk to ask about pool hours or restaurant recommendations. Each patron can have their very one concierge in their pocket!


Research shows that consumers care deeply about wellness. So much that the industry is now worth over a trillion dollars and hotels are primed to take a piece of the pie!

But we’re not just talking about the classic beauty and relaxation offers from your spa. These days, healing, stress management, emotional balance, minfulness and better sleep are the top priorities of guests.

Work Space

According to a Microsoft survey, 73% of workers want remote work to be permanent. Pre pandemic, this would be consider a perk, but now it’s seems close to a reality.

This means that more and more people can do their jobs from ANYWHERE in the world. Make your hotel the best place for them to do so! You already have a lot of space that you can easily adapt into work spaces for your business travelers. And even better, you already have comunal areas for socialization.

A place to sleep, a place to work and a place to have fun. Make sure your hotel is all three.

Business woman arriving at hotel room. Hospitality trends.

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