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How to keep customers happy and your laundromat full.

According to the Coin Laundry Association, a laundromat can generate up to $300,000 per year! The best way to ensure a profit from your business is to keep your clients happy. Here’s how you do it.

  • Keep your equipment in top form

There’s nothing worse than entering a laundromat to find out-of-order machines and long wait times to use those still working.

Laundry equipment requiers regular maintenance to continue working at best of their capacity. If you don’t have a service contract or scheduled maintenance, you’ll end up spending money on parts and repairs that were not in your budget. If this becomes a recurrent problem even the most loyal customers will lose their patience and take their business elsewhere.

  • Offer the best customer service

When talking about how to keep your clients happy, proper customer service is a given. It’s fundamental to keep your clientele loyal and to attrac new clients. Nowadays online reviews are more important than ever so you’ll want to keep them positive.

This study shows that customers don’t trust companies with anything lower than a 4-star rating. Even mores, one bad review is enough to persuade 94% of consumers to avoid a business. Yikes!

How to keep your clients happy
  • Keep your facilities clean and appealing

We go to the laundromat to clean our clothes so the last thing we want to encounter is a dirty enviroment. Make sure to make time everyday to keep your business as immaculate as possible.

Other aspects clients like their laundromats to have are good lighting, enough folding space and working carts. Make sure your business is an unviting place for your costumers and they’ll keep coming back!

  • Offer a variety of payment methods

Self-service laundry machines are famously coin operated but did you know that Debit cards are now the preferred payment method for consumers?

Make sure your clients can pay in which ever way suits them best! Check out our Card & Vending Systems as well as our Online Payment Systems.

We help make your customer retention and satisfaction hassle free.

Forget to schedule maintenance? 
Long wait times for service repairs?

Expensive repairs?
Old equipment but no capital to replace it all?

When you lease commercial equipment from Southeastern Laundry you don’t only get the best machines for $0 dollars upfront, you also avoid paying for unexpected repairs, not to mention free scheduled maintenance to ensure your laundromat is running efficiently at all times!

One monthly payment means you can plan your budget down to the load level. Parts and repairs are covered for the life of the lease so you can focus on your business, while we keep your washers and tumblers working.

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