How leasing equipment can give your business competitive advantage.

Did you know there are approximately 9 million guest rooms in the US? While occupancy is steadily growing, experts don’t expect rates to go back to pre-pandemic numbers this year. Now is more important than ever to give your hotel that competitive advantage that will make it stand out.

No credit check, zero money down and deferred payments. With Southeastern Laundry’s Equipment Leasing program you never have to pay for service or parts. With routine scheduled maintenance included, you don’t have repair cost surprises!

Take the money you’ll be saving and invest it in areas that can give you that competitive advantage you need!

The guests you hosted pre-pandemic are not the same that will be choosing a place to stay this year. They have changed along with their wants and needs.

Get a competitive advantage by giving the new traveler what they’re looking for

A woman holding a suitcase stands looking out the window of a hotel room. Article is about competitive advantages for hotels.


Sounds simple right? Well, turns out that at the height of the pandemic, many hotels and motels reduced their food options in variety and quality. As travelers go back to hotel rooms, they will be paying special attention to this.

Offering a good, and if possible complimentary breakfast can make the difference when deciding between two lodging options.

Smart TVs

Subscriptions to streaming entertainment services have increased in large numbers in the last couple of years. Guests won’t want to miss their favorite show while on vacation or pause their binge for a short business trip.

Make sure your rooms are equiped with Smart TVs since this is the “must have” amenity that has grown the most in importance since 2020.

Wellness amenities

Healthy living and wellness amenities also grew in importance for guests in the last two years but think outside the box! A gym is always nice to have, but the new traveler might prefer in-room options for their workouts our meditation.

You can partner with online instructors to provide classes directly to your brand new Smart TVs!

Give us a call to save on your laundry operation so you can invest in getting that competitive advantage that will take your business to the next level!

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