Should I buy or lease on-premise laundry equipment?

To Buy or to Lease?

Everyone’s situation is a little different, which is why we offer both a purchase option and leasing option at Southeastern Laundry. Contrary to the out-dated thought ‘leasing costs more money in the long run‘ we believe that in today’s economy, leasing is the best decision for the majority. We base this off of the financial cost breakdown comparison chart below. By taking a deeper look you will answer the question”should I buy or lease on-premise laundry equipment” and see the total cost of owning your laundry equipment is more expensive than the cost of leasing.

Price vs Cost

Price is the amount of money you pay to buy the equipment.
Cost is the amount of money you pay to buy and maintain the equipment over its lifetime.

A lot of people tend take the monthly lease cost and multiply it by the number of months of the lease and compare it to the price of buying the same piece of equipment. As you can see, they aren’t comparing apples to apples (or cost to cost in this scenario), they are comparing price to cost, and there is a big difference. Here is a break down of the cost to lease vs the cost to buy one of our 60 lb Domus washers.


Total Cost to Lease vs Total Cost to Buy

lease or buy laundry equipment

*This is an example of our 60 lb Domus Washer. Other brands / pieces of laundry equipment will result in different average costs for leasing and purchasing.

This chart isn’t taking into consideration the loss of earnings by using that capital, either. You can find out the total amount of earnings  you could lose when buying instead of investing here,  but on average, it will be around an additional $12,181 of earnings you could lose by spending capital instead of investing it over the course of the 7 year lease period.


Business prosperity requires progressive thinking.


That’s why our operating lease tends to attracts progressive, open-minded business owners. They see past the outdated thought that “leasing costs more money” & why leasing just makes more sense in todays economy. If this doesn’t answer your Other advantages of Leasing Equipment include:


  • Priority Service
  • Tax Advantaged—100% Deductible
  • Brand New Energy-Efficient Equipment
  • Delivery and Installation Included
  • No Credit Check
  • $0 Money Down – No Capital Needed
  • No Surprise Costs– Know What Your Budget Is
  • Never Pay for Service or Parts Again
  • Training and Support For Your Staff
  • Routine Scheduled Maintenance

Learn more about leasing here.  [/one_half]


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