Laundry Room Wellness Check

When was your last laundry room
wellness check?

If you answered anything more than 6 months ago, we highly suggest you schedule a free consult with one of our techs to avoid unnecessary downtime and costs.

Only calling when’s something is broken is costing you money.

From our 46 years of experience, we have seen time and time again how important it is to call us before a problem arises.  Folks that only call a technician to service their laundry equipment when something is broken are losing unnecessary time and money. A lot of this can pain and cost can be avoided by properly maintaining your equipment.

You’re not alone

If you tend to only think about your laundry room when a problem arises,  you’re not alone. A large amount of people tend to forget their laundry room needs maintained until something goes wrong and they’re facing an extremely high service and repair bill. We suggest you check out our scheduled maintenance plan or service agreement to ensure your equipment is running efficiently and to avoid the hassle and expensive cost of unplanned break downs.

When was your last laundry room wellness check?

If you haven’t had a laundry room check up within the last 6 months, we suggest you schedule one with us. It’s free of charge and our techs will take a look at the overall health of your equipment. They can help answer questions like “are my utility and service bills higher than they need to be due to my equipment?” or “is my equipment performing optimally?

We will give some suggestions and show you some tips and tricks on how you can eliminate nagging problems and possibly lower your overall laundry room cost.

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Want to do it on your own?

We get it and are all about empowering folks who have the time to do it on their own! Download this monthly checklist as a guide to maintaining your own laundry equipment and avoid breakdowns.


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