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Specially designed cleaners for turnout gear. Our goal is to keep you, your department, and your families safe by removing potential carcinogens and biological contamination with our scientifically formulated chemicals.

“Using Southeastern’s Turnout detergent makes our gear come out so much cleaner . Everybody feels like their gear is safer and it has simplified the whole process.”

Sam Greer Toccoa Fire Department

40+ years in this industry and we have yet to find a NFPA compliant turnout detergent that is superior to ours. We believe in our product and want you to experience firsthand why other fire departments trust it too. Just fill out the form below and we will ship a free sample for you and the team to test out on your gear.

Just the Right Chemistry

a division of Southeastern Laundry 

With frequent exposure to chemicals, smoke, biological toxins, and other contaminants, the proper care and maintenance of turnout gear is essential.

Southeastern Chemical Solutions focuses on 2 key elements:

  1. Keeping your gear clean and operating at an optimum level.
  2. Keeping you and your family safe by removing potential carcinogens and biological contamination.

Turnout Gear Wash

  • Extends the life of your PPE
  • Specially designed to launder turnout gear and properly care for fire-resistant fabrics
  • Formulated for use in hard water and heavy soil conditions
  • Removes the accumulation of daily grim from being on the job
  • NFPA-compliant

Laundry Guard

  • Reduces bacteria counts by 99.9%
  • Kills HIV-1 and MRSA
  • Scientifically formulated to sanitize protective gear
  • Eliminates blood-borne pathogens
  • NFPA-compliant

The Products Speak For Themselves

Laboratory test results are one thing, but we want you to see first hand how our chemicals will suit your needs. Inefficiency and uncertainty in cleaning applications can cost too much money and time. We will send you a free sample of Turnout so you can see the results for yourself.


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