Apartment Laundry

an alternative to purchasing a washer & dryer or going to the laundromat

Convenient & affordable

Laundry Options

for your apartment.

Need the convenience of a washer and dryer in your apartment without high upfront cost? Southeastern Laundry believes everyone should have the opportunity to an in-home laundry experience. We deliver and install the highest quality washers and dryers to your apartment and provide free service throughout your entire lease.

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Full Delivery & Installation

 Our technicians will schedule a time with you to install your washer and dryer. They will make sure your equipment is installed properly and ready to use.

Free Service & Parts

Leasing with Southeastern Laundry includes free service, repairs, and parts for your equipment. Unlike purchasing, leasing gives you peace of mind that you won’t encounter any unpredictable & expensive repair costs for your equipment. 

Low Monthly Rate

Avoid the large upfront cost of purchasing equipment. A consistent low monthly rate gives you the predictability you need to plan and stay within your budget each month. 

Leasing Benefits & Features

  • Our techs deliver and install
  •  No credit check
  • No high upfront cost

  • High quality equipment
  • Free service and maintenance
  • Low monthly rate

  • Budget predictability
  • Parts for repairs included
  • No cost to upkeep



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