Chemical dosage for commercial laundry equipment

The laundry process requires precise chemical dosage for commercial equipment. It involves carefully and precisely adding the right amount of chemicals for each wash cycle in order to maximize the results. But do you check your chemical dosage on a regular basis? Or did you just set it and forget about it? It’s critical to maintain the proper chemical dosage to ensure optimal operation. Among the many advantages of precise chemical dosage for commercial laundry equipment are the following:

  • Cost Savings: By eliminating overfills and spills, you can cut down on the price of detergent and other chemicals.
  • Energy Efficiency: By precisely dosing chemicals and controlling cycle temperatures, long-term energy savings can be attained.
  • Longer Equipment Lifespan: Accurate chemical dosage minimizes the risk of blockages and clogging. This lessens the wear and tear on the equipment. It might live longer as a result.
  • Enhanced Safety: Precise dosage lessens the amount of time chemicals come into touch with the skin, lowering the risk of mishaps.
  • Better Outcomes: Optimal chemical dosage will result in significantly better washing outcomes.
Chemical dosage for commercial laundry equipment

Make sure the right chemical dosage is being used in your equipment to maximize its performance.

For the best assurance that your chemical dosage is performing at its highest level, think about collaborating with Southeastern Laundry Equipment. With over 40 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive solution to meet your commercial laundry needs. We can offer you the following:

  • Onsite surveys: We examine every facet of your commercial kitchen, janitorial, or laundry cleaning procedure through an on-site housekeeping survey. We examine the quantity of work and energy used, as well as the use of chemicals. Along with examining equipment wear and tear, we also examine indirect costs like overhead, maintenance, and consumables.
  • Machine leasing: Maintenance headaches are removed when machinery and equipment are leased. Regular maintenance by our highly qualified specialists reduces repair costs and downtime on leased equipment.
  • Warewash assessment: We assist in making sure your machines are running as efficiently as possible and using the least amount of energy possible.
  • Chemical dosing assessment: To guarantee that you always have enough and don’t run out sooner than you anticipate, we make sure your dosage and concentration are at the appropriate levels.

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