Extend the life of your commercial laundry equipment

Businesses in sectors like hotels, hospitals, and laundromats often make large investments in commercial washing equipment. It’s critical to maintain and care for your equipment to maximize your return on investment and minimize downtime. Implement these suggestions to extend the life of your commercial laundry equipment and guarantee years of dependable, effective use.

Regular inspection and cleaning

Conduct routine checks of your equipment to spot any symptoms of deterioration or potential problems. Keep an eye out for belts, hoses, valves, and other parts that you may need to replace or adjust. Cleaning your tools is equally crucial. To avoid the accumulation of lint, dirt, and detergent residue, routinely clean lint filters, dryer vents, and washer barrels. This will increase the performance and energy efficiency of your equipment in addition to extending its lifespan.

Follow manufacturer’s guidelines

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations is one of the easiest yet most crucial suggestions for extending the life of your commercial laundry equipment. These suggestions frequently include detailed maintenance schedules, cleaning procedures, and recommended usage. Following these recommendations will guarantee that your equipment runs as efficiently as possible and will aid in preventing unneeded damage or breakdowns.

Train staff and encourage best practices

Spend time and effort instructing your team on how to use and maintain the equipment properly. Inform them of the value of adhering to operational guidelines, such as recommended cycles, loading capacity, and cleaning procedures. Encourage personnel to report any problems or anomalies right away so that they can be handled before they become bigger issues. You may dramatically increase the lifespan of the equipment by promoting a culture of maintenance and accountability.

extend the life of your commercial laundry equipment

Invest in quality equipment

Last but not least, acquiring dependable, high-quality industrial laundry equipment can significantly increase its longevity. Durable and dependable equipment is expected to have a longer lifespan and require fewer repairs and replacements in the long run, even though it may demand a bigger initial expenditure. We recommend leasing instead of buying to bypass that huge initial investment.

How SELaundry can help you extend the life of your commercial laundry equipment

Our priority is to help you reach your business goals, that’s why our leasing plans are created to do just that. Here are a few of the benefits of leasing with Southeastern Laundry:

  • Low monthly payments: Leasing equipment means lower monthly payments that if you were buying your machines with a loan or credit.
  • Fixed price: Your monthly rate will stay the same for the duration of the lease. Don’t worry about inflation, you’ll have no surprises in your monthly bill.
  • Don’t pay extra for service or parts: These are always included in your monthly payment so no matter what happens you’ll never have to pay more.
  • Tax advantaged: Leasing laundry equipment with Southeastern Laundry is 100% deductible.
  • Maintenance is included: We will schedule routine maintenance to make sure your equipment is always running properly. If there’s any issue we can catch it before it becomes a problem.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about the value of trading in your laundry equipment and more about how you can affordably upgrade your on-premise laundry equipment.

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