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How to make hotel guests feel special: 3 Effective ways

The success of your hotel depends on you, the owner or manager, giving the best possible service to your customers. Visitors desire to feel welcomed, at ease, and most importantly, special. Recurring guests and new customers are more inclined to frequent hotels that succeed at making their guests feel important. Here are three easy ways to make your hotel guests feel special and provide them a memorable stay.

Offer Personalized Extras

Offering customized extras to your hotel guests during their stay is one of the best ways to make them feel exclusive. The experience of the guest can be significantly improved by making even the tiniest gestures. Think of enhancing the hotel room with unique details, such as ambient lighting to create a tranquil atmosphere or better bed linens. Your guests will be aware of these thoughtful details, which will improve how they perceive your hotel as a whole.

Train your staff to provide exceptional service

Make sure your team is properly trained to anticipate and accommodate the demands of each visitor. This training should be ongoing so that you can keep raising the bar on the quality of the services you offer. It shouldn’t be a one-time thing. The more equipped your staff is to handle a variety of circumstances and beyond customers’ expectations, the more special and treasured your guests will feel.

How to make hotel guests feel special
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Offer thoughtful complimentary items

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, and your hotel guests are no different. To improve the guest experience, think about providing thoughtful complimentary gifts in addition to the standard amenities. This might be in the form of complimentary drinks, environmentally friendly toiletries, or other small presents that will make your visitors feel valued and special.

How to find the time to make your hotel guests feel special

For any hotel to succeed, creating a satisfying and memorable guest experience is crucial. This of course takes a lot of effort and time so let us take something off your plate!

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