Save thousands on your operational laundry costs

Did you know the typical 250 room hotel spends $13,926 a year in water and sewage costs on their in-house laundry operation. If that wasn’t enough, the hotel industry spends an average of 1.75 billion a year to replace linens making an average of about $350 per room. Find out how leasing with Southeastern Laundry can save thousands on your annual operational laundry costs.

Save thousands on your operational laundry costs

Labor: Instead of multiple laundry equipment-related expenses spread across providers, employees, and servicing labor, leasing with SLE includes the costs of equipmentlabor and parts.

Linen Replacements: Regular scheduled maintenance is part of your lease with SLE. Regularly servicing your equipment ensures proper wash/dry cycles and chemical dosing, extending the lifetime of your linens by reducing fiber loss by up to 31%.

Utilities: Whether you’re running a laundromat, hospitality business or manage an apartment building with its own on premise laundry room, utility costs are of utmost importance. In fact, more than 60% of laundromat owners consider utilities expenses as their biggest obstacle in the business! 

Leasing with SLE gives you the latest technology without the upfront capital cost. Some of our washer extractors consume as much as 39% less water than competitor brands while maintaining the same clean. 

Chemicals: When you lease with SLE, you can bundle in our chemicals and pumps and save 10% on your lease price. 

Maintenance: A washer or dryer machine breaking down can have a big impact on your business! Preventive maintenance ensures your equipment is always in top form. They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But whether your laundry equipment is broken or not, your laundry operation could use some fixing. Neglecting to regularly maintain your equipment costs money in repairs, machine downtime and lost efficiency. Leasing with SLE includes regularly servicing and maintaining your equipment.

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