Energy efficiency in commercial laundry

As a business owner, you are aware of the value of energy efficiency in cutting expenses and lowering environmental impact. Your on-premise laundry facility is one place where you may make big improvements. You can save money and help create a greener future by putting into practice a variety of energy-saving strategies. Let’s go through five strategies for increasing energy efficiency in your commercial laundry facility.

Encourage linen reuse

Consider introducing linen reuse initiatives. You can save energy and resources by encouraging guests or residents to reuse linens. Remember you don’t need to wash towels and blankets don’t every day. Successfully implementing such processes has helped the bottom line for many hotels and other on-site laundry services.

Use energy-saving lighting techniques

Equipment for laundry is only one aspect of energy efficiency, you can further lower your facility’s environmental impact and save money by reducing energy use in other areas. Simple changes like switching to energy-efficient lighting and using timers to turn off lights automatically when not in use can have a big impact.

Optimally Size Your Laundry Loads

For energy savings, it’s essential to use your equipment properly. Encourage your workers to fill each load to the recommended level by optimizing load sizes. Machines can become inefficient and waste energy if they are overloaded or underloaded. You may minimize the number of cycles and save energy by making the most of each load.

Make your commercial laundry equipment more energy efficient

Upgrade your commercial laundry equipment

A good way to make significant financial savings and lessen the impact of your laundry on the environment is to invest in energy-saving, on-premise laundry equipment technology. Modern commercial washers and dryers are made to have shorter cycle times, use less water and electricity, and operate more effectively overall.

Give regular maintenance to your equipment

Your industrial laundry equipment needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. To promote quicker drying times and less energy use, instruct your laundry room personnel to clean lint screens in between uses. To ensure effective heating and ventilation in your dryers, clean the ductwork frequently as well.

You can save the most energy by keeping your equipment in peak shape so make sure to have professional maintenance done regularly.

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Laundry

Your commercial laundry operation can save money and protect the environment by increasing its energy efficiency. Adopt these techniques to help your company and the environment go green.

Remember you can dramatically lower energy use by switching to current commercial laundry equipment. If buying all new equipment is not a possibility at the moment, check out the options Southeastern Laundry has for you to get brand new machines with zero money down!

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