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The tax benefits of leasing laundry equipment

Commercial washers and dryers are essential for the proper operation of multiple businesses. Gyms, hotels, laundromats, spas (and many others), rely on these machines to give the best service possible to their customers. There are many reasons why business owners choose to lease instead of buying. But there’s one you might not know about: The tax benefits of leasing laundry equipment!

Business equipment lease payments are tax deductible under Section 179. What is Section 179 you ask?

Section 179 of the tax code allows you to deduct the cost of leasing certain types of equipment, including laundry equipment, on your taxes. Washers, dryers and other machines are elegible.

tax benefits of leasing laundry equipment

Let’s do a little example here. Let’s assume your business has plenty of cash on hand to acquire equipment. When you make a purchase, you’re paying with post-tax dollars: That $60,000 item may cost you as much as $80,000 or $90,000 (depending on your specific tax situation). Why? Because your business needs that greater pre-tax income to net the $60,000 needed to make the purchase. When you lease, though, you’re doing so with pre-tax dollars: That $60,000 purchase costs your business $60,000 and your lease payments can be written off as a business expense!

More benefits of leasing laundry equipment with Southeastern

  • Low monthly payments: Leasing equipment means lower monthly payments that if you were buying your machines with a loan or credit.
  • Fixed price: Your monthly rate will stay the same for the duration of the lease. Don’t worry about inflation, you’ll have no surprises in your monthly bill.
  • Don’t pay extra for service or parts: We include all service and parts in your monthly payment so no matter what happens you’ll never have to pay more.

Southeastern Laundry’s Equipment Leasing program gives you access to the equipment you need fast without a credit check or any money down. You never have to pay for service or parts, and routine scheduled maintenance is included.

Now that you know the tax benefits of leasing laundry equipment are you ready to make a decision? Do you need more information? Contact us and we will gladly help you figure out what is the best option for you.

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