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How to save water in the laundry room

These days is very important to learn how to save water in the laundry room. The rising cost of utilities and the overall increase of awareness about sustainability are a couple of the reasons why.

If your water bill is getting too high, or you’re looking to run a greener business, keep reading for the best tips on how to get there.

Do full loads only

You need to know your business in and out. Work out when its the best moment to run a load. If you’re running a hospitality business, wait until you can do a full load, but when you still have enough linen while the rest is in the wash. You have to find that sweet spot.

If you’re running a self service laundry room, communicate this measure to your patrons and hopefully they will also only run the machines when they’re ready for a full load.

Don’t overload

Ok, I know we just said to do full loads only, but don’t go overboard. Filling the machines too much won’t clean clothes properly and you’ll have to run another load.

As we said before, find that precise spot. Once you know it, stick to it and you’ll notice your water consumption will start going down.

How to save water in the laundry room

Pre-treat certain items

Another way to avoid double washing an item is to pre-treat them. Heavily soiled items can be difficult to clean properly, so pre-treating them is your best bet.

Update your equipment

Newer equipment tends to come with the latest technologies making it way more eco friendly. Just by using one of these machines you’ll automatically be saving on water and other utilities.

If buying all new equipment is not a possibility at the moment, check out the options Southeastern Laundry has for you so you can make it a reality.

Apply these tips to your operations and see how now that your know how to save water in the laundry room it will be reflected on your utility bills!

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