Is leasing laundry equipment a good idea?

Managing your own on-premises laundry facility can be an expensive hassle. We have two top recommendations to make it cheaper and easier. Number one is to keep maintenance as your top priority. And number two is to not invest a lot of money in buying machines. Is leasing laundry equipment a good idea? Let’s find out!

Technology is always evolving

And your business should to! When you lease equipment instead of buying your able to replace your machines for newer ones way easier instead of being stuck with equipment that can become obsolete. This way you can ensure you are always a step ahead of your competition.

Consistent monthly payments

When you lease with Southeastern Laundry your monthly fee will remain the same through the duration of your contract. And with services, parts and maintenance included you can relax and forget about unexpected emergency expenses to keep your operation running.

Save your capital to invest in other areas

Getting credit or funding to buy equipment is not always easy. It can be a complicated and lengthy process. Leasing can get you brand new equipment FAST. If you do decide to embark on a credit journey, why not use the resulting funds in other areas of your business?

Is leasing laundry equipment a good idea?

Is leasing laundry equipment a good idea?

Contrary to the outdated thought that leasing “costs more money”, when you take a deeper look it’s obvious that with today’s economy the total cost of owning your laundry equipment is more expensive than the cost of leasing with Southeastern Laundry.

Southeastern Laundry’s Equipment Leasing program gives you access to the equipment you need fast without a credit check or any money down. You never have to pay for service or parts, and routine scheduled maintenance is included.

Are you ready to make a decision? Do you need more information? Contact us and we will gladly help you figure out what is the best option for you.

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