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What hoteliers should invest in this year

The hospitality industry has been busy trying to recover from the effects of the COVID pandemic. Now it’s time to think about the future. This is what hoteliers should invest in this year:

Technology is advancing rapidly and the hospitality industry needs to catch up. No touch and not human facing processes are at the forefront of guests’ minds. A few examples are the ability to check-in and check out remotely and mobile apps that allow guests to order room service or communicate any other need without going to the lobby or even picking up the phone.

Keep in mind that the digital experience begins before checking in. Marketing must be top notch, and the reservation process smooth. Remember that 73% of guests want their interactions with hotels to be digital from beginning to end so your online presence must be strong.

Another tech area that must be a priority is data privacy and security. This has become more and more important has consumers become aware of how their data is used and by whom. In fact, a study by CISCO found that “81% of respondents agreed that the way an organization treats personal data is indicative of how it views and respects its customers.”

What hoteliers should invest in this year

How to get enough funds for what hoteliers should invest in this year?

There are many ways to get funding but most of them requiere to enter some type of debt. A good way to save money that you can use is to find it in your already working operation.

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