Laundry equipment maintenance benefits

Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your equipment in top shape. No matter the type of bussiness you’re running, break downs can be very expensive. Check out these laundry equipment maintenance benefits and see for yourself!

Minimizes downtime

When you regularly check on your equipment you can catch issues before they become a big problem that takes machines out of operation. An out of service machine costs you money and might even lose you clients.

Increases your machine’s life expectancy 

Regular maintenance is highly cost effective, saving roughly 40% over reactive maintenance (according to the U.S. Department of Energy), but it it also increases the machines life expectancy! As you reduce a machine’s unplanned breakdowns, you increase it’s Useful Life

Lowers utility expenses

Equipment that is not running efficiently is spending more energy and water, as simple as that.

Improves productivity 

Regular maintenance makes it possible for companies to cut down extra costs and unexpected breakdowns. The expense of reactive maintenance combines the cost of critical parts, overtime, and outsourced servicing, often translating to severe financial loss and poor operational efficiency. Scheduled maintenance sets your laundry operation up for success, avoiding unexpected.

Enjoy all the laundry equipment maintenance benefits the easy way

You can go ahead and do all the maintenance yourself or… you can schedule maintenance and get peace of mind!

It’s very easy to postpone or forget to regularly schedule maintenance calls. With our scheduled maintenance, service agreements, and leasing programs, your equipment is always on a regular schedule and given proper care!

Laundry equipment maintenance benefits

When you know your equipment is being looked after and your operation is running smoothly, you can take your focus to other areas of your business that need your attention.

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