How to attract remote workers to your hotel

The world has changed after COVID-19. Business travel is picking up, but the future seems to be for the digital nomad. Do you know how to attract remote workers to your hotel? Get ready because they’re out there, looking for their new destination.

The term “digital nomad” entered the Oxford English Dictionary back in 1993 and defined it as “a person who uses digital technologies, esp. laptops, smartphones, and wireless internet access, to work remotely while travelling and living in a variety of different places”. And that’s exactly what the post-lockdown workforce is doing 30 years later.

Even though remote work was already a growing movement, when COVID-19 forced a lot of people to leave the office it became undeniable that a lot of work could be done from home, or anywhere else, even a hotel room.

If you’re wondering how to attract remote workers to your property, think about implementing some of these ideas:

Get the best WiFi

Seems obvious, but WiFi speed is super important for digital nomads. It’s one of the most important tools for them to get their work done and be connected to their team.

Most importantly, 52% of remote workers rated finding reliable wifi as one of their top challenges. If you can provide it you’ll have an automatic advantage.

Incentivise long stays

Digital nomads don’t stay on the move forever. Few of them visit more than 5 countries per year, so mostly, when they reach their destination, they usually stay there. Provide perks for long-term stays and make sure your hotel is their preferred destination.

You can offer a deep discount for long stays or include access to amenities that may cost extra to short term guests.

You can focus on off-seasons. Most people only travel for holidays, but remote workers can do it whenever you want. If they choose you, you can secure your rooms will be occupied even when you usually struggle to attract guests.

Now you know how to how to attract remote workers but… how will you find the time in your busy schedule to make it happen?

Look for other areas in your business that take a lot of your attention and find ways to spend less time on them. What about your laundry operations?

Forget to schedule maintenance? 
Long wait times for service repairs?

Expensive repairs?
Old equipment but no capital to replace it all?

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